Gay & Lesbian Services of Western New York

June = Pride

Last year I wrote about June being PRIDE Month and why you might consider attending a Pride event. Beside the fact that most are FREE, there is a HUGE opportunity that rarely occurs. The opportunity to be around a large and diverse group of GLBTQ persons and their families, friends and supporters and not be marginalized or feel in the minority. Probably only The Gay Men’s Chorus concerts and the Pride Parade(s) and Celebration offer this opportunity locally.

You don’t have to be “out” or even “out yourself” to attend the Parade and Celebration starts at 1pm the first Sunday in June and lasting into the evening. You can just be somewhere on the Parade route running down Elmwood Avenue from North Street north to Bidwell Parkway where the Celebration Stages and the Market place will be set up. You can just be in the vicinity or you can join in; it all depends on your comfort zone. It can be very energizing and healing to visually see such a large and diverse part of our collective GLBTQ communities. And you might even meet other GLBTQ youth. There is also the Annual DYKE March and Rally starting at 7pm the Saturday night before the Pride Parade. It has traditionally kicked off at 7 PM at the Eckerd Drugs Parking area at 202 West Utica Street. However, if you check the calendar on the GLYS site you can link to the Parade site to get the correct information.

GLYS is directly involved and will be participating as a contingent in the Parade. Come out and meet other youth, GLYS staff and volunteers.

GLYS host programs during Pride Month,including the annual coffee house/open mic that is open tho the community. GLYS events and other events that GLYS youth and staff will attend will be on the GLYS website calendar.

All of these events provide an opportunity to be in a safe and respectful environment around other youth like yourself. So be there, somewhere, or else you will have to wait all the way until next year! Hopefully everyday, at some point in your life, you will feel a sense of pride in who, what and how you are as a person.

Happy Pride!


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