Gay & Lesbian Services of Western New York

National Resources

By clicking on any of the website links listed below, you will be leaving the GLYS website.  Gay & Lesbian Youth Services of WNY, Inc., is not responsible for the graphics and/or content on these links or resource pages.  To youth visiting the GLYS website: If you visit one of these resource sites and particularly like or dislike it, we would like to receive your feedback.

GLBT History Month: Throughout the month of October, provides daily vlogs chronicling important people in GLBT History.  Using the links below, you can check out their videos for the past years:


Suicide Hotline
The Trevor Project
24/7 suicide prevention hotline for GLBT youth
helpline: 1.800.850.8078

Disability Resources
These sites may have information that is not appropriate for younger teens.  However, the resources available for GLBT individuals with disabilities are limited. – the webzine defines itself as “by and for cripgaymen.”  GLYS says PLEASE note that “BENT aims to provoke, amaze and offend you.”  There is information that can be helpful. – a resource for deaf GLBT people.

Disability World- this site lists a variety of sites:

GLBT Teen Sites
OutPROUD: Be Yourself

Finding a GLBT or GLBT~friendly health care provider made a bit easier:
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association: GLMA was founded in 1981 and since then we have been working to ensure equality in health care for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals and health care providers.

GLYS note:  Go to this site. Click on “Find a Provider” in the menu on the left.  Then click on “Find a Provider” (about mid~page) on the page that comes up.  You will get to a screen that allows you to plug in your zip code and radius of your search.  If there are GLBT or GLBT~friendly providers in your area, they will come up with location and contact info.

Gay Straight Alliances
Gay Straight Alliance Network

OASIS Magazine “Because it’s a desert out there”
Oasis originally started at

YGA (Young Gay America) Magazine
Travels the continent reporting the real stories of gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans, questioning, and closeted youth.

Youth Guardian Services
“Creating safe cyber spaces with the freedom to be…”
Providing internet services and resources to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning and supportive youth.


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