Gay & Lesbian Services of Western New York

Be Active

By clicking on any of the website links listed below, you will be leaving the GLYS website.  Gay & Lesbian Youth Services of WNY, Inc., is not responsible for the graphics and/or content on these links or resource pages.

“DO SOMETHING” Awards for Youth Activists
The Youth Advisory Council reviews grant proposals twice each year and awards 10 grants every fall and 10 grants every spring.  A total of $10,000 is given in grants annually.

Young people have the energy, creativity, and motivation to rock the world.  By giving grants to young people who want to get up off the sofa and do something, they are allowing them to unleash their power and turn their ideals into action.  They are telling them that they really can make a difference, and this group is putting its money where their mouth is to prove it.

Go to their website for more information on application details and deadlines.

Register to Vote
If you are 18+, you can register to vote!  You can then vote in local, state and federal elections!  If you complete the form, GLYS will mail it in for you.  Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people have power IF we exercise it.  One way to flex our muscle is to vote.  But if only a few of us vote for political candidates who support justice for GLBT community and against candidates who don’t respect our lives it does not work.  We all need to vote to make a difference.  Register today.

National Websites for Youth
Advocates for Youth

GenderYOUTH Program

Youth Venture
Youth Venture is a national movement of young people who are proving that their dreams, creativity, and abilities make a positive difference to communities across the nation.  Youth Venturers are young people (ages 12 to 20) who have a dream or identify a need in their school or community, develop an idea and then, with a team, launch their own community-minded organizations to address that dream or need.  Each venture must have an Ally, a caring adult who advises the team.  Grants of up to $1,000 are provided to help launch the organization.  Applications are accepted at any time.  Visit the website for more information.


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