Gay & Lesbian Services of Western New York


GLYS Staff all have experience working with young people
We are gay, lesbian, bi, trans and heterosexual.
We are single, in relationships and married.
Some of us have children.
Youth Mentors who are at the Center one day a week
have a variety of jobs/careers.
One thing that we all have in common:
we love working with GLBTQ youth and their allies!

Ashleigh MacLachlan, Drop-in Center Coordinator
During September 2011 Ashleigh MacLachlan will become our new Center Coordinator.  Currently in Michigan, Ashleigh works with a youth agency that counts many GLBTQ youth among its clients.  In addition to interacting with youth at the Drop-In Center, she will start GLYS’ efforts to impact GLBTQ youth in the courts.

Mary K. Partridge, Program Assistant
Mary wears many hats at GLYS.  While she sometimes fills in for a Youth Mentor, she is always happy to talk with individual youth about jobs, college, financial aid, etc.   See the Drop-in Center Coordinator to set up a time to meet with Mary.

Sue Tournour, Youth in Care Satellite Facilitator (needs photo)
Sue has worked with youth in out-of-home care for many years. She works at our Center and co-facilitates the Gateway Longview group.

Alex Rosario, Peer Mentor/Monday

Mellonie Scott, Youth Mentor/Tuesday
Mellonie full time position is in the human services field.

Jillian Miller, Youth Mentor/Wednesday
Jillian, a long time Youth Mentor, has taken a new position as a social worker with Catholic Charities in the Buffalo schools. Jillian often brings her cool toys to the Center – like Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

Patti Jones, Youth Mentor/Thursday
Patti is an engineer with her family’s firm.

Chris Collier, Youth Mentor Sub
Chris, a recent graduate of Hilbert College, is a GLYS alumnus.

Emily Snead, Peer Mentor Sub

Heather McEntarfer, Youth Mentor Sub

Kay Patterson, Trans Group Co-facilitator
Kay and Youth Mentor Patti Jones facilitate our monthly trans group.

Lou Moran, Referral Therapist/Buffalo
Want to talk with a counselor about something that is bothering you? (It does not have to be sexual orientation or gender identity!) Talk with our Center Coordinator or Marvin. They can link you to Lou.

Bethany Robson, Referral Therapist/Jamestown
Beth joined GLYS in early 2011 so that we have a contact for GLBTQ youth in the Jamestown area. To be linked with Beth, please call Marvin at GLYS: (716) 855.0221.

Marvin L. Henchbarger, Executive Director
Marvin is the GLYS liaison to the Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) in the WNY area.  If your school has a GSA and you are not linked to GLYS, get in touch with us!  We can support your group in a variety of ways.
(716) 855.0221

Kristi Rugg, Website Designer
Kristi grew up in WNY, but is now a Park Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park. She designs our website from afar!


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